Sunday, June 19

Nothing that cool for today...

I seldomly do "personal" entries on BoGD since I find myself rather boring (most of my daily meanderings occur on The Facebook). It seems throwing up a random cover scan garners more interest anyway. Though my parent's big ass Samsung LCD blew up so I'm now tasked replacing two small "muffin-topped" capacitors on the power board. The faulty Hansol-made boards seem to a widespread issue with the brand's LCDs which I was unaware of when recommending Samsung to them.

My "old" '04 Sammy DLP is still humming along rock steady, fingers crossed, so I used that as my basis for helping them. Kinda puts a damper on things, despite being an easy solder fix, with this huge black panel leaning in a corner pleading to get well. I guess it beats hauling the thing to The Geek Squad for them to do the same fix for some batshit crazy sum. Still tracking down the right ones @ 1000uF 10V, Radio Shack was a no-go. Higher voltage could work; however, I've fried an Onkyo receiver in the past so I'm gun shy to go testing in the realm of "should work".

This weekend's swap meets were fruitful. I've already shared the best finds, the AIR big boxes, but of course other tapes, discs of varying circumferences, and even some vinyl were horded which I'll be sharing throughout the course of week.

Last night's flick was Toshiharu Ikeda's Evil Dead Trap (1988) via Synapse Films' DVD. J-Horror evokes a certain perception of slow-burning atmosphere, but this example has been called a straight slasher and that's an excellent term to throw it under. Characters make stupid decisions, debauchery is had, logic is loose, the shocking kills elaborate, and the raincoat-adorned murderer echoes the dispatcher in The Prowler.

The whole thing runs long-in-the-tooth at 102 minutes. You begin realizing segments could have been trimmed away to better effect. Although the strong-hued visual style reminiscent of Dario Argento helps things along. It's also interesting that something so bloody, occasionally sleazy, and aspiring was in Japanese theaters while American's slasher giants filed their biggest homogenized disappointments. Synpase's disc is decent for one of their early releases. Non-anamorphic widescreen with good definition and color...with yellow (argh!) subtitles.

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