Tuesday, June 14

This made me cover my monitor in Fruit Loop bits...

...and almost makes me wanna watch TCM 4...almost...


CCIXSINS said...

I have been attempted on sooo many occasions to re-visit this shit Holocaust...I still to this day have never sat completely through....save yourself and watch Leatherface twice and the TCM remake of part 2. You will get your fix with much less time sitting in a chair being irate at the tv...ps I have this lobby poster...and the last thing I would do would be hang it.
I almost made it to the credits....once
hate on me if you will

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The New Beginning > Texas 4...crazy I know but, I am sticking to my guns dear sir!

Pfdfiredog said...

Hey Jayson,
Finally found this place again. Hope all is well and wanted to say hay and thank you again for all the shit you did for the DVDAF board back in the day. Thanks
I did not know where to say hi at so I left it here. You can read it and delete it if you want I just wanted to send something out there.

...do you dare tread upon the staircase?

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