Sunday, June 5

Guess this means I'm famous...?

Being a dork, one of my pre-occupations while movie hunting is looking for the suspicious. Tapes and discs of standards and favorites that carry unfamiliar markings or artwork. I'm the guy looking through those out-of-the-way boxes stuffed with DVD bootlegs or home-recorded tapes. You never know what you might find. I spotted this bootleg of Alexandre Aja's slasher convention explosion Haute tension (High Tension) this morning. I originally first experienced the film on an edited but subbed South Korean DVD that marked its video debut.

I was so excited afterward that I contributed this review to the fine folks over at HorrorTalk. Eventually an uncut version yet English dubbed DVD dropped in Thailand even before the French received their edition. This factory-pressed boot is from the Thai release, but notice the English synopsis on the back? Yep, that's the little description I came up with in my old review! I only noticed this when I got home and initially thought "That sounds strangely familar...?" And there it was, kinda feel proud, not like anything can be done about it anyway!                 


Digital Orc said...

Congrats. New part time gig?

Craig Edwards said...

That's really terrific though! Congratulations! Are you adding it to your online resume? ;)

Aylmer said...

That's awesome. And I had this dvd too.

Anthony1138 said...

That's pretty damn cool. But what's more amazing is that you happened to actually come a cross a copy. Crazy.

evils said...

I was so stoked after seeing this in the theater that I went straight to ebay and brought the same bootleg. you dare tread upon the staircase?

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