Wednesday, June 15

Retribution (1987) - 1989 Virgin Vision Standard Cover VHS (Correct Scan)

Here's a full scan of the common cover for Virgin Vision's Retribution to accompany this "alternate" cover posted a few weeks ago. It's nearly identical text-wise, but notice the longer runtime (109 vs. 107 minutes). Both tapes are the edited R-rated version, so your guess is as good as mine on why there's a difference and the cover change.


Craig Edwards said...

That's the box I remember! But I actually watched the movie on the free HBO that came with my last dorm room - because Dennis Lipscomb was at that time playing a Brando-like actor on a hot-for-five-minutes sitcom called The Famous Teddy Z (Jon Cryer trying out Monday nights on CBS years before finding success there) and I thought Lipscomb was funny. The movie didn't grab me, though.

Franco Macabro said...

I've always wanted to re-watch this one! Last time I saw it was when Blockbuster rented a vhs copy of it! I remember liking it, but I guess I was only watching the edited version...has this film made it's way to dvd yet?

Dan said...

The Belgian/ Netherlands release also had 2 covers. Promotion posters where allready handeled out to videostores & at the last moment Vestron video changed the artwork

Ian Miller said...

An anniversary DVD was just announced for September, maybe it'll be uncut? you dare tread upon the staircase?

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