Tuesday, October 4

The Nightmare Never Ends really got around!

Just received my third clamshell of the hypnotizing trainwreck The Nightmare Never Ends (Cataclysm/Satan's Supper) (1980). The strange thing is each is the "same" with slight differences and so far I've found these without purposefully looking for variants.

The first copy on the left is from Premiere Entertainment International Ltd. based in Vancouver with the company's information stamped in silver on the front/back. The second in the center is from the same distributor; however, the quality of the graphics is much poorer, Premiere's info is printed in white on the front/back, the cover outlined with a white border, and they're now based in Ontario.

The one to the right is the new acquisition in a completely sealed clamshell from "Night Flite Video". The cover is the sharpest looking of the three and the cassette's labels are in shiny silver foil. This release might be from the obscure Neon Video since the labels are similar in appearance. No dates on any of these, but I'm figuring pre-1986 since that's when Academy Home Entertainment released their own clam under the Satan's Supper title.  

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