Tuesday, October 18

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974) - 1984 K-Tel/Filmways VTC Australian VHS

Another one of my most wanted bites the dust! I can remember seeing this cover years ago online and instantly falling in love. This is K-Tel's second video release of Hooper's backwoods trip to Texas in Australia after a nearly decade long ban of the film. I'm fairly certain this is also the cheaper sell-thru version compared to the first rental version with different and in my opinion inferior art (seen here).

The roadblock for me collecting the country's videos is the absolutely insane international shipping costs for tapes from Australia to America (always seems at least $20). So when I amazingly saw this one literally a zip code away a cobra strike was immediately launched. What's even funnier is that I found this Australian TCM bootleg last year about twenty miles away.


DrunkethWizerd said...

Yeah sure... I.. I like it... it's good!!1

Jayson Kennedy said...


Jack J said...

I bought that K-tel release when I lived in Melbourne in the 90s! In contradiction to you it's the only one I've got; I don't have the first release. I agree it's a great cover. The tape is fullscreen.

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