Tuesday, October 25

Stagefright: Aquarius (Deliria) (1987) - CIC Video/Pioneer Japan LaserDisc

This beautiful Japanese Laser arrived today, but the mail decided to apparently use the package as a frisbee and ding a portion of the bottom edge. Although considering the price and hoops that the postal office presents with damage claims, it is what it is. Otherwise the cover, disc, and insert are in great condition. Michele Soavi's Euro-dipped slasher debut has an odd way of finding me. I probably have about ten different editions across various formats spanning the globe so far...

(notice the flow chart, many Japanese LD inserts break down the story this way!?)


Jayson Kennedy said...

In the interest of the curious, this one was $22 shipped from the left coast. Might sound steep, but if from Japan, shipping would alone dance around that.

DrunkethWizerd said...

Such a beautiful cover. Like a Horror version of Labyrinth.

Wait, isn't Labyrinth already horror?

What with those things that rip off their own heads and of course David Bowie's protruding spandex junk. Hmm.

Stagefright rules teh scools tho.

Explosive Action said...

Looks gorgeous and a dirt cheap price. There's a stack of bad action LD's I want to get from the same seller but at $25 shipping to Australia for just ONE disc it's very hard to justify.

Aylmer said...

Wow, that's a thing of beauty. I love Stagefright, sometimes I think even more than Dellamorte.

Erich Kuersten said...

I managed to get the Blue Underground DVD awhile ago, about a minute before it went OOP expensive and just watched it last week. Holy Moses! Soavi was just another Lamberto Bava-style gross-out meister to me before this (those unending pustule shots in BLACK CAT, the disgusting assistant in DELLAMORTE), but STAGEFRIGHT is classy, with the fourth wall / theatrical aspect making it scary the way the post-modern referentiality made SCREAM. The Japanese cover art is very pretty. Good work, sir. I'm beginning to believe you can never have enough copies of this film.

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