Monday, October 17

Well, since I didn't win last night...

I was keeping this acquisition quiet until the outcome of this auction last night. That release is the "mate" to this tape, Asuku Video's 1994 Cannes Premiere version VHS of Dawn of the Dead (1978). Erroneously dubbed the "Director's Cut", this 139 minute cut was a still work-in-progress that debuted at the 1978 festival as Romero toiled in the editing room to finally craft his 127 minute theatrical director's cut.

The tape in that auction, which I ultimately didn't win, is Asuku's 117 minute European version helmed by Dario Argento (called the "Selected Version" in Japan). As you can see, the cover is inverted compared to the Cannes cut with a black foil background and silver lettering. Would have looked great together, but what can ya do? To be honest, I've never really cared for Argento's cut anyway. The missing chunks and score alterations always pull me out of the experience. Anywho, the awesome cover seems incredibly fragile. The foil side already has creasing along the spine and some minor wrinkling in spots that look almost like tinfoil. The edges are very delicate as well. The reverse cover is on non-glossy "flat" cardboard. I'm fairly certain these tapes were released in conjunction with Bandai/Emotion's '95 "PERFECT COLLECTION" LaserDisc set (seen here).

(w/ Victor's theatrical version VHS)

(reverse cover)


Explosive Action said...

Yes I was watching that too, but it went far too high for something I'm only buying the cover for. If it's on DVD and in better quality I'll watch that over tape. Unlike the crazy jungle films I buy that aren't on DVD :)

Jayson Kennedy said...

Yes...but it's DAWN OF THE DEAD ;)

Explosive Action said...

Haha, which is why I had it on my watch list in the first place! I was almost prepared to make an exception for some new shelf display tapes, but alas... :)

Anthony1138 said...

Looks just like the Japanese LD with the awesome gas mask art. Very cool looking cover, especially with the reverse. I just won a DotD related item on eBay that I'll be posting as soon as it arrives. you dare tread upon the staircase?

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