Saturday, March 27

Thift Store Finds: Just Some B-Sides

Thifts and Goodwills seem very random and less dependable at cassette discoveries than swap meets. I assume unless one has really dumb luck; most collectors are smart enough to at least try selling them off first instead of donating. Usually, this type of shop yields racks stuffed with Disney clamshells, failed attempts at Abs of Steel, long outdated instructional videos on installing MS Word, and travelogues to India. You might find some horror flicks, but you'll probably be staring at beat-up copies of Misery or near-horror like Fargo. This morning was different. I didn't run across anything special; judging by the selection whoever dumped these knew what they were giving up. Though after striking out on my swap meet rounds, it was bitterly cold, I was pleasantly surprised by the finds.

The only one worth noting in the pic above is the bootleg of Lifeforce. I'm unsure what the story is on this one. It's the uncut European version, which has been available on video for years. However this record sells it like it's unique and even rips off MGM's art for the front. I'm showing the back since there's some nice pics of Mathilda May being all naked. Return of the Evil Dead is the second in the Blind Dead series using the British Redemption tape's art. The Wicker Man, Day, and NOES are cut-up, but I would feel bad if I would have left them. Day's label notes a 91 minute runtime, but is fully uncut and looks better than the Video Treasures EP-speed tapes that flooded the marketplace after Media lost the license. Imperial's Demons 2 is in good, glossy shape; yet this release is edited for an R-rating. South Gate's The Church was hot shit at one time, theeeen Anchor Bay's DVD was released. Not pictured are boots of the HK actioners City on Fire and High Risk.

As an additional ploy to friend me over at Facebook (profile here), I've put up an exclusive scan of Demons 2 in my photo album, so head on over to check it out!


forestofthedead said...

I love some of the movies you can sometimes find at thrift stores.

Anonymous said...

Nice Jayson! You should publish a guide to VHS thrift store/swap meet buying. you dare tread upon the staircase?

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