Tuesday, June 7

Don't Look in the Attic (1982) - 1987 MOGUL Communications VHS

Speak of the devil. On Sunday, Cinema Arcana launched Project: MOGUL, an effort to catalog the long gone VHS distributor's output, and today this tape lands in my mailbox. From this artwork, it's easy to why collectors would become addicted to tracking this outfit's rare titles down. MOGUL and its branches were known for fantastic, large clamshell art that both trumped and probably took more time to create than the contents held within. Being one of their horror selections, this is one of their more desirable that I nabbed cheap from Amazon last week.

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A hero never dies said...

What an awesome cover! I haven't seen the film, is remotely related to events in the film? I'm guessing not but it looks really cool.

...do you dare tread upon the staircase?

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