Friday, July 3

BoGD's Inspiration

After splitting the hate atom upon Snuff yesterday, I figured I'd lighten the mood and the acknowledge my primary inspiration for starting this blog in the first place. Before this, I barely partook in the blogosphere. Usually I'd be rooting for information on some film or video and find an old entry of note on some remote, usually long abandoned blog. That was really the limit of my interest.

I can't say when I exactly found Blogger Jay Clarke's The Horror Section, but it was the first blog to convince me I could possibly maintain a successful Horror-oriented blog of my own. Now this isn't an advertisement. I've never contacted Clarke and don't even formally follow his blog, just visit the bookmark every so often. Just a friendly nod to a cool blog that helped realize the very blog you're reading now.

1 comment:

Jay Clarke said...

Thanks man, much appreciated. This blog is crazy comprehensive! Glad you started it up. you dare tread upon the staircase?

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