Saturday, July 18

Severin Smashes Enzo's Inglorious Bastards Out of the Park on BD

say goodbye to this garbage

Judging from the screen captures from DVDBeaver's just posted Inglorious Bastards Blu-ray review, Severin have totally redeemed themselves. Despite being slathered with platitudes by seemingly every "professional" reviewer, the transfer for their DVD released last year looked like trash. Riddled with digital artifacts, doubled lines, and just a big fucking mess (the pic above is direct from the DVD). Those Blu-ray captures look like a complete reversal even if a bit on the soft side, like the studio went back and re-transferred the film in HD when compared to the SD disc. Or maybe we're seeing the original HD scan that Severin destroyed with bad conversion and filtering for their DVD treatment. Either way, big time thank you to Severin!

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