Friday, July 3

Ozone! The Attack of the Redneck Mutants (1986)

"What the fuck? Melons done shit on this car!"

Directed by Mark Devlen
94 Minutes / Shock DVD Entertainment Netherlands (PAL/R0) / 1.33:1 Full Frame

A chemical plant accident causes the ozone layer above a small country town to disappear causing random residents to become burnt flesh potpies in search of victims. The son of the plant's owner (Scott Davis) and a female environmentalist (Blue Thompson) in the area taking water samples must fend off the mutants with the help of a redneck countryboy and his momma.

This rare flick (just try and find the VHS) aims to be in the same ilk of other '80s indie comedic splatfests, but settles for being nowhere near as funny as Redneck Zombies, far less crazy than The Abomination, and vastly less well made than Street Trash. There's a bounty of filler throughout kicking off almost immediately. We're treated to the delights of driving, an old woman making biscuits, chasing chickens, blasting melons, giving a dog water, and unfunny hick banter. These many sequences attempt to be funny, but only painfully drag and could have easily been omitted (like twenty or more minutes) without the viewer even noticing. The acting isn't eventful with long stretches of limited dialogue and Davis' character turning into a screamy pussy once the crispy flesheaters appear in force.

The one thing that's done well is the mutant make-up and gore. Guts, blood, and multi-colored grue is liberally ripped forth all over the victims and sets in the three or four crazy kills. There's no real showstoppers, though. If only the film had dumped the crap and upped the splatter. The U.S. VHS pops up for sky high prices and this DVD also seems rare, but rest assured you aren't missing that much.

the good stuff

DVD Picture: 4/10
DVD Sound: 5/10

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Drunketh said...

Thanks. Putting it now on teh wishlist... alright. you dare tread upon the staircase?

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