Saturday, July 25

Vintage(?) Elm Street 4: Dream Master T-Shirt

I found this today at a yard sale. I'm unsure whether it's "vintage" or not, but I'm inclined to believe so. It's a Men's Small with just washing instructions on the collar tag. The copyright along the bottom front reads "MCMLXXXIV THE FOURTH NEWLINE-HERON VENTURE." Odd that the year (1984) dates the first Elm Street, not Dream Master, which was produced in 1988.


Johnny said...

Hm it sure looks vintage. Either way though, that's an awesome find. All the girlfriend and I found at yard sales today was a 50 cent Alice in Wonderland McDonald's toy. Better luck tommorow, I hope!

Imposter Jason said...

Where the hell do you live? I'm always reading about how you find all this cool shit at yard sales. I want to roll through your town with some cash during yard sale season.

Tower Farm said...

I'm with Aaron...
Can we come yard sale-ing with you?
That's the kind of shirt I would have worn everyday in Middle School...oh, hell, I'd probably wear it everyday now if I had it!

Jayson Kennedy said...

I'm afraid to tell my location! Hahaha! The key is to go every weekend both days to your local swap meets/yard sales. I go through dry spells and then suddenly when it rains it pours and I find a bunch of great stuff out of the blue. Then I'll slip back into finding next to nothing for weeks. you dare tread upon the staircase?

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