Sunday, July 26

Swap Meet Finds: King of Sexual Awareness Week

More this weekend! Picked up another copy of The Tomb, Driller Killer, and Raw Force. Les Aventuriers de Bali is a French tape from the "Avant-Premiere Video" label of La vergine di Bali (1972). Knee Dancing seemed so odd I grabbed it just because of that title. My Pleasure is My Business is another Electric Video Inc. release to add to my EVI collection. Nekromantik is a bootleg that someone went overboard and recorded on a super high grade S-VHS blank. The tape next to it is William Fruet's Blue Monkey. Rebel is Stallone's first film (well, after Kitty and Studs) also called No Place to Hide. The first tape in the third pic is Nocturna: Granddaughter of Dracula and the coverless tape beside it is Scream Bloody Murder. I grabbed Meatballs merely because it's a childhood favorite.


the jaded viewer said...

The memories of watching Nekromantik on a VHS bootleg...come to think of it, I saw Driller Killer in a 8th generation dub on VHS.

Jayson Kennedy said...

Check out my review then! :-) you dare tread upon the staircase?

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