Tuesday, October 13

The Grindhouse Saves The Massacred Mafia


I received an email from Bob Murawski and Sage Stallone of Grindhouse Releasing yesterday that sets the record straight in relation to this previous entry concerning the Massacre Mafia Style DVD debacle. Even though there is no firm release date yet, Grindhouse is still working on a release of Massacre Mafia Style from a freshly minted high definition master.

This is me speaking and not Grindhouse Releasing, but this May 2nd blog entry from the producer of the Mitchell DVD edition indicates Grindhouse "never" had the license to release this feature on home video. I'm not privy to the behind the scenes mess with these releases; however, I'm inclined to believe Grindhouse Releasing after this "producer" wasn't (and still isn't) upfront about the absolutely horrid-looking source of the Mitchell DVD transfer. I share the frustration of those who pre-ordered the Mitchell DVD based on Mr. Hard's assertions.

Here's several vastly superior screenshots of the high definition source Grindhouse is working from for their upcoming release. Thanks to the fine folks over at Grindhouse Releasing from providing BoGD this great news and captures. When further details emerge expect to hear them right here!

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Anthony1138 said...

This is good news, but if there is a rights dispute between the Mitchell family and Grindhouse, it still remains to be seen if Grindhouse actually releases their MMS DVD. I just wish that the Mitchell family would have been able to work with Grindhouse to put out one definitive release.

Jayson Kennedy said...

I figured you'd like that shot. Hehehe....

J. Astro said...

I second "Look at them f'n titties!"

And I have pretty much the utmost faith in Grindhouse Releasing based on the strength of their past releases... so even if they don't have the rights, they SHOULD, in my book.

KFelon said...

Oooooooh nice tits.

Anthony1138 said...

Come on guys, grow up. It's just a pair of tits.

But all those sexy sideburns... Yowza!!!

...do you dare tread upon the staircase?

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