Saturday, October 10

Kim's Krypt '01-'04 Video Compilations

Kim's Krypt is a haunted attraction residing in-and-around the boonies of Maryland since 1995. I went once back in high school with friends; one of which was reduced to a flustered sack of tears almost immediately upon entering. I mean this person was loudly begging to leave throughout the entire thing. Sad thing was he was my best friend and my age. We busted on him mercilessly about it for years afterward. I had no idea they produced (and perhaps still do) yearly hour-long video compilations until I found these today at the swap meet.

The videos are camera tours of the attraction where we follow the crass Kim (pictured above) through the skit and gag rooms along with a crowd. Followed by crowd reactions after-the-fact, interviews with the cast/crew, bloopers, and other goofy shenanigans. Judging by watching the 2001 tape and 2004 DVD-R; the quality of at least the videos noticeably dropped. The '01 video is modestly edited and is never that irritating. Most of the ghouls are horror icons like Freddy, Myers, Leatherface, and Reagan from The Exorcist complete with skits and film music. There's even a montage to the tune of Faith No More's Surprise! You're Dead! as an opener. Can't argue with that. The '04 disc kinda sucks only being a collection of screaming people in a hard-to-follow maze of masked monsters popping out from walls with no rhyme or reason.

The 2001 VHS has a section at the tailend that's actually pretty cool and not listed on the back cover. The attraction set up a mini show at the first Horrorfind Convention of the same year and we get to see Kim ham it up with guests like Tom Savini, Ken Foree, Michael Berryman, Reggie Bannister, Leonard Lies (Machete Zombie), and Linnea Quigley. Bruce Campbell is invited to the attraction and walks through the walls loudly shouting the most hamfisted things imaginable ("Wow! This is the scariest thing I've ever experienced!" "Where the hell am I?") as everyone has no idea what he's doing. When they catch up to him Freddy pops out and Bruce strikes a kung-fu pose and calls him irascible as he exits stage right laughing. Sure, all this is pretty stupid, but it was surprising and if was at the Krypt that year I would have bought the tape if I would have known these fifteen minutes were included.

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KFelon said...

I'd love to see the Bruce Campbell segment. If you have any way to get it on YouTube or something, that would be awesome. The first one sounds like fun. you dare tread upon the staircase?

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