Saturday, October 10

Just 'Cuz: Some Shots from Trick 'r Treat

The infatuation continues with three more sitdowns with Michael Dougherty's holiday gift since Wednesday. All of my previous thoughts have only strengthened. It's amazing Legendary Films/Warner Brothers even backed the film at all as it harkens back to a long gone era when financially powerful studios took much more chance with projects that would now be cast down to independents. I noticed one small spoilerish detail I hadn't realized before while taking these shots, left click to highlight the next sentence to see. The razor-bladed chocolate bar Sam uses against Mr. Kreeg is the one he snatches from the candy-tampering principal's candy pumpkin. Since Sam is at the lycanthrope shindig, perhaps that was his paycheck against the principal harming children. End of spoilers, the following shots are spoil-free, what a beautifully filmed and put together anthology.


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Pax Romano said...

I watched it last night - what a fantastic, atmospheric fun ride of a movie. Loved it! This is the movie I've been waiting for - a definite companion piece to Carpenter's Halloween you dare tread upon the staircase?

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