Saturday, October 31

Too Old for Candy?

Yes sir, another BoGD look what I bought entry! On Halloween no less. Of course, no one is too old for candy (well, not entirely true) but it sure is a damn good excuse to buy more horror flicks today instead of a bag of "fun size" Snickers that will only rot your teeth, make you smooch greasemonkey mechanics, and say things like "Peanutopolis."

I hit up a madhouse Wal Mart this morning to snag the Gritty Horror Tales triple feature for Baby Blues (imdb link). Who knows when they'll pull all those five buck horror selections after today, especially this particular disc being a chain exclusive. Next Best Buy for Slaughter High (unrated) and Fido in's body bags for 2 for $15 (see list at FiS). Let's Scare Jessica to Death was in a dump bin with a bunch of other mostly non-horror $5 titles and I gave in to a $24.99 Blu-ray of Night of the Creeps. This one will be watched tonight so hopefully I'll deliver thoughts tomorrow on this gem (already have the HBO Laserdisc and bootleg DVD-R) and its presentation on Blu-ray.

The rest above are in great shape used from a local music shop, Record & Tape Traders, which for some unexplained reason rang up $3 even though marked $5. The one below Meatball Machine is Canadian Splatter Rampage edition of The Dead Next Door. Nothing special (full frame, no extras), but the cover is awesome. Tales of Voodoo, Volume 2 features Godfrey Ho's Diamond Ninja Force (1986) and Primitives (1978). I've wanted to see The Amazing Screw-on Head for quite some time and had forgotten about it until today. Prom Night '80 is Echo Bridge's anamorphic widescreen edition with an illustration of Jamie Lee with bouquet and bloody axe as the cover. Stay away from the full frame disc from Alliance Atlantis with a picture of Jamie Lee lifted from an H20 promo still reflected in a knife blade. The R-rated disc of Shadow: Dead Riot was only a buck, so yeah.

Also my copy of Trick 'r Treat: Tales of Mayhem, Mystery, and Mischief by John Griffin arrived the other day and although the book is thee must-have for fans--it arrived sealed in plastic. I'm one of these "DO NOT OPEN" collector freaks so I'm contemplating ordering another to open and enjoy. I spent a good portion of time thumbing through one at Borders before the DVD and couldn't believe such through, wonderfully creative book was complied for a completely untested movie. Now that I've fallen in love, I want to dig through its pages with fresh eyes. When I do get another (or just decide to open this one); I'll give it a write-up here.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Hallowe'en, J!

KFelon said...

Happy Halloween! Just watched the DVD version of Night of the Creeps and was pretty impressed with the transfer. It looked great upconverted. Definitely looking forward to your thoughts on the Blu-ray.

Amazing Screw-on Head... hopefully you like it more than me.

The Trick 'r Treat book, come on. You know you want to open it, discuss it, and dissect it for all your followers. I'm kidding, it looks amazing. Check some of the inside of it out here:


Jenn said...

Happy Halloween, Jay! You know, Aaron and I hit up two different fucking Wal Marts today (something I don't normally do since I hate Wal Mart with a passion) and all we found was the Mill Creek Gorehouse Greats Collection (a nice score, I thought) and Blackenstein. Bust! Oh well. Hope you had a good All Hallow's Eve!

Nick Sayers said...

Happy halloween lol nice stack! Our halloween stack was blood valentine, the faculty, dawn of the dead, slither, big trouble in little china, and Jason x, quite a formidable day.

Drunketh said...

I saw Trick R Treat (a BluRay projection) and Evil Dead 2 (old film stock) last night at ze Cinema. Let me just say, that it was completely awesome!

Jayson Kennedy said...

Thanks guys! Hope you all had a happy and safe (as in no DUIs!) Halloween!

Drunketh said...

I drank two margaritas[6$ each] and had 2(cut in half) avacado egg rolls[8$] from UNO.. and well, let's just say I wasn't buzzed or fuzzed when I was done. I may just go back and bomb the place. Who knows. But yeah, I was sober. Fixed another drink when I got home and it did nothing but make me wish I hadn't been awake all day. Besides the awesome movie experience that is. Gotta quit the drink soon, and get the greener shit... what do you think? Meh. you dare tread upon the staircase?

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