Saturday, April 23

Be on the lookout for these kick ass "locking" VHS cases...

Picked up another one of these this morning at a swap meet. I'm unsure who originally made these cassette storage cases, but they're great for stray yet valuable tapes and I always keep an eye for them. They open by pushing in two wire-taught "buttons" on the spine that assuringly snap secure upon closure. Might take a minute to get open before getting the method down.

The cassette rests on two plastic reels and barely rattles when locked in. Also the top lid of the tape, the most delicate part, faces into the case for the best protection as opposed to many cases that force the "lid end" to sit along the opening. I wouldn't recommend it, but you could probably drop one of these cases out of moving car with the tape inside surviving intact afterward.

This morning's case housed an abused copy of Goodfellas which was chucked after purchase. These cases are worth a buck alone regardless of what they contain. Included in the pic is a "normal" and flimsier transparent case for comparison. Also I hope you like the new layout of BoGD.       


Craig Edwards said...

I don't think I've ever seen a case like that one - it looks hardy though. I'll have to keep an eye out! And thanks for making my Goodfellas VHS a tiny bit more valuable today! ;)

Stacia said...

Some cases at a local rental place were like that. I wish I had thought to go there when they were selling their stock when Blockbuster put them (and all other local places) out of business. Now Blockbuster is closing, so ha ha.

I do like the new layout. Kinda miss the bigger banner, but the sleep layout on the current one is great.

Morbid Tyrant said...

Back in the 80's a store I used to go to all the time used these. When they went out of business in 1996 I bought 250 of them for 30 bucks. I sold a lot of them but I still have about 50.

Anthony1138 said...

I feel like I've seen those cases before, but can't place when or where. Definitely familiar though.

The leaner, meaner layout looks good. Glad you decided to keep the Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers pic. :D you dare tread upon the staircase?

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