Wednesday, April 6

DEVIL STORY (1985) is coming to DVD! Throw some dough on your face and terrorize the French countryside!

Despite preferring N.G. Mount's paper-mâché negative-zero budget slasher freakout Ogroff: Mad Mutilator (become vaguely interested here), it's nice to finally see Bernard Launois's Devil Story, Il était une fois le diable (read my thoughts here) come to digital platter in its native country of France...eventually. I remember reading rumbling about this release back when I originally wrote-up that critique last February. Hopefully with any luck we'll see Ogroff and maybe Sexandroide limp with Devil Story's Nazi zombie with a shotgun on DVD sooner rather than later. Translated from Sheep Tapes:

"After a little silence online, Sheep Tapes and Nanarland are pleased to announce that Devil Story, Il était une fois le diable is coming to DVD soon!

"Soon" is not very accurate, and unfortunately due to some mishap of a technical nature, we cannot provide a specific release date yet. The DVD should be here by mid-May at the latest! Hoping that the date could be provided by that time.

We will keep informed as soon as possible to the date of delivery of the DVD! Pre-orders on the Internet will be open very soon, as soon as the exact release date is determined."
  • Region 2 PAL 
  • 4x3 Full Frame OR 1.66:1 anamorphic widescreen? (unsure right now)
  • French and English audio tracks
  • Select Scene Audio Commentary with Director Bernard Launois
  • Once Upon a Time Devil Story: 32 Minute Documentary with Bernard Launois, Véronique Renaud, Jean-François Rauger, Rurik Salé, Christophe Lemaire, Frank Henenlotter, Frederic Thibaut, Emmanuel Rossi
  • Hollywood Devil Story: The Forbidden History (parody documentary)
  • SoundScape Eccentric Night 2010 footage
  • The Filming of Devil Story: As seen on France 3 Normandie TV
  • Theatrical Trailer, "Ethnology and Horse of the Devil", and other surprises!

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