Saturday, April 30

Death Faces (Death Faces IV) (1988) - 1988 Deluxe Movie Videos VHS

Fresh from the mailbox comes this dreadful Faces of Death rip-off. The clips are tepid stock footage that could play on daytime History Channel nowadays with unintentionally stupid narration. The only thing notable is the cover which is the size of a Thorn EMI hard case for clamshell hounds (like myself). The cassette and shockumentary itself has "Death Faces IV" as the title. To date, this is the sole installment...thankfully.        


Jayson Kennedy said...

This one can sit next to my MPI Faces of Death clam! I still need the FOD II clam though...

Unknown said...

Am I reading the back correctly when it says that it was directed by a Countess?!? Sweet clamshell. you dare tread upon the staircase?

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