Friday, April 15

Doctor Bloodbath (Horror Hospital) (1973) - 1988 Bingo Video Inc. VHS

Bingo Video was a super shitty fly-by-nighter, but did they ever smash it outta the park with this batshit cover. Lurid re-titling, scrawled title font, attention-grabbing colors, shocked naked chick clutching her topside delicate bits, severed girl heads with googly eyes, bloody scalpel, insane doctor with bad teeth, and a tagline that's familiar to regulars of this blog. This one just screams the glory days of VHS rental. Unfortunately the SP-speed tape looks and plays like an EPer. Bad tracking lines, terrible picture quality, and after a few minutes the whole thing simply cuts out. Still, this artwork is a towering achievement...


Eric Cotenas said...

Is it the uncut version? I believe the US release version titled COMPUTER KILLERS cut some nudity and gore (I think the Gorgon HORROR HOSPITAL was uncut).

Unknown said...

If ever a VHS cover demanded a poster reproduction, this would be it. Even if the film sucks as much as the tape quality, the artwork is great. you dare tread upon the staircase?

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