Thursday, April 14

Phantasm III: Lord of the Dead (ファンタズムIII) (1994) - TJC Video Japan VHS

My vote for most consistently satisfying horror franchise outside of Romero's Dead series. The Phantasms show how bold, creative, and confident genre storytelling can be when a filmmaker's vision yields very little to compromise. Don Coscarelli might have an inadvertent stroke of genius in building The Tall Man's mythos in regards to his sequels. Instead of needing to go larger with each subsequent entry, Coscarelli can adapt the storyline to smaller budgets since there isn't a need for extensive location shooting or dressing. There's always the next town, mortuary, cemetery, or headstone for this core of characters to battle over. Of course, most would love to see a large scale Phantasm sequel, but I'd be happy with something more metaphysical like Oblivion and maybe even sentimental (like Bubba Ho-tep) that would finally close out the series. Please?

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