Sunday, April 17

Powerforce (Shen tan guang tou mei) (1982) - 1983 Independent United Distributors (IUD) VHS

What I'm about to say is going to sound ridiculous. It's tapes like this one that keep me collecting. It's early, obscure in both feature and distributor, and boasts a wild cover that desperately begs you to save it from an eventual dumpster toss. The situation I found this in also illustrates a truth about mining for tapes at swap meets. The seller had about twenty large boxes packed with cassettes spine out (thank you!), and amongst all of them, this was the only real keeper. Literally the most off-beat and beat-up VHS of his entire collection. More often-than-not, it all comes to that one tape that made the search worth it. I haven't checked out Powerforce yet, but check out these reviews over at MONDO 70, City on Fire, and This Coleslaw Makes Me Sick.


Unknown said...

Nice and I love the way the snake loops around both the front and back cover.

Jack J said...

You're right, Jayson, that is one hell of a cover! When did we last see a dvd or blu-ray cover like that!

Ian Miller said...

I am totally with you, isn't it weird how your eye gets trained to pick out oddball tapes (or discs) when quickly scanning spine-out (if lucky ;-)) boxes or shelves? After 10-15 years of hardcore film collecting, it gets to be like a reflex. you dare tread upon the staircase?

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