Thursday, April 21

Joe Bob Briggs Presents: Blood Feast (1963) - 1990 Shock Films VHS

Click on over to The Scandy Factory's Gallery for a scan of the later Strand Home Video tape. Part of "The Sleaziest Movies in the History of the World" series hosted by Mr. Schlock Encyclopedia himself, Joe Bob Briggs. Highly doubt there's over three hundred in this series; don't send your children to college without the complete set!


Ian Miller said...

I have one of these (SLP, if not LP) signed by Joe Bob himself. Do you have any of the Rhino Lewis tapes? Those never seem to show up.

Slaughter Film said...

I've been looking for more of this series. I have Deadly Weapons from this set and Wizard of Gore & 2000 Maniacs that both happen to be "Herschell Gordon Lewis Collectors Edition", distributed by Strand. I can't believe how hard they are to find. - Cory you dare tread upon the staircase?

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