Friday, September 30

Braindead (Dead Alive) (Uncut) (1992) - 1993 Shochiku Home Video Japanese VHS

Cruising through VHS Wasteland's daily cover selections yesterday, these scans of the front and reverse cover of SHV's Braindead caught my eye. Not only because they're awesome, but because they're of the exact copy I snagged from another collector recently with the same minor damage and sale sticker on the back of the nurse/baby cover (which was cleanly removed). I don't believe he made the scans, so the origin of these is a mystery!

This makes for a good example of how Japanese tapes have a way of circulating within a niche of collectors over time. Also see that small circular holographic sticker on the nurse/baby spine? Don't remove them! They're Japan Video Morality Association stickers and are regularly seen on Japanese videos (kinda like the U.K.'s BBFC ratings). They don't peel off well, usually ripping the cover which naturally sucks and hurts resell value.


Jayson Kennedy said...

Also this is the full 104 minute version, but in a strange incidence of possible censorship, the hacking off of the zookeeper's arm in the pre-credit sequence has its colors inverted. Nothing else in the film is altered (including his hand being chopped off seconds earlier)


DrunkethWizerd said...

I've always loved that nurse cover.

I actually own a DUPE of this from Midnight Video, and they describe the print as a version with the inverted color arm sequence, yet Uncut. Don't think they ever explained it either, but it is a strange thing for such bloody of a film. I wonder if Peter Jackson ever had anything to say about it? you dare tread upon the staircase?

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