Friday, September 9

JUNK: Shiryô-gari (2000) - Toei Video Japan VHS

After a group of low level thugs pull off a sloppy jewelers heist, they met up in a supposedly abandoned factory for an exchange with another group of dirty dealers. Little do they realize that hours prior an American-backed military human regeneration experiment has erupted into a zombie outbreak within the facility. Now, while like the tagline says, everybody fights, the only hope might rest on the sole Japanese scientist involved.

Atsushi Muroga's Junk is akin to a microwave TV dinner. A cheap, greasy summation resembling something better crafted to prey upon opportunistic tendencies. Sure, you could take the time and care to eat the real deal, but boy does the questionable bounty that lay before your fork hit the spot in a pinch. After all, this might be the purest combination of cheapo Japanese gangster and Italian zombie flick we'll ever see. The action is abrasive and the zombies shambled straight out of Fulci's Zombie with the score ripping off the Trioxin Theme from Return of the Living Dead. Awesome. There's nothing special about this Japanese VHS compared to Unearthed's out-of-print DVD, but just look at that cover!


Explosive Action said...

Great cover! I have that Unearthed DVD, been years since I watched it. Time for a second viewing!

R.S. Sterling said...

This is one of the few Japanese horror films that I really like. you dare tread upon the staircase?

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