Monday, September 26

Manson (1973) - 1984 United Home Video Clamshell VHS

Here's United's rare clam of Robert Hendrickson and Laurence Merrick's great, albeit salacious and opportunistic documentary chronicling Charles Manson and his murderous sheeple. This film was supposedly banned during the legal fallout from Squeaky Fromme's assassination attempt of Gerald Ford, but has been released at least three times on video by World Wide Video (as a big box), United Home Video, and VEC (in Canada).

Defunct grey-marketers Beverly Wilshire were actually sued and folded over their unauthorized DVD about a decade ago (it was like Christmas finding one at a yard sale years ago). Though the "cultish" hype surrounding the documentary is still being milked with a self-released DVD from Hendrickson. Word has it the $40 disc is a poorly authored DVD-R with an equally poor presentation. For that price range, you might as well track down one of the valuable and just plain cooler VHS releases instead...

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