Thursday, September 8

A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) - 1985 MEDIA Home Entertainment VHS (First Release)

Continuing with the improptu Elm Street theme, this original Media VHS of Craven's classic was dug out of box of exercise videos at a church sale last weekend. This 1985 edition is surprisingly hard-to-find with the glut of re-issues throughout the years with similar cover designs.

Media first reissued this edition in 1987 with subtle differences, like the oval around "HORROR" missing, and more copyright information with the revised year on the back. In 1990, Video Treasures issued a widely available budget LP-speed version with once again very similar art. Outside the lightweight feel of the cassette, VT's logo along with the Media logo on the back is a dead giveaway. Anchor Bay then released a 2-VHS widescreen Limited Edition in 1996 with extras from Elite Entertainment's Special Edition LaserDisc (aside from the commentary). Finally New Line changed the artwork with a widescreen "Master from High Definition" VHS in 1997 and the last video cassette edition in '99's Parts 1-7 box set. Be on the lookout!

...just to compare this laughable description from the Blu-ray to the above, what?!?...

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