Saturday, September 17

Probably a good idea to grab Anchor Bay's Hellraiser Blu-ray now...

Apparently Image Entertainment has acquired the home video rights to all post-1984 New World Pictures properties from Anchor Bay including Hellraiser and its sequel Hellbound. Image has a solid history with horror on DVD but so far their budget-priced "Midnight Madness" Blu-rays reflective of this new licensing deal have failed to impress. 

Their new BD of the original The Hill Have Eyes is a standard definition-to-1080p upscale from Anchor Bay's prior DVD exhibiting no picture quality difference. But unlike Hills, which retains all the "old" special features, the Image BDs of Hellraiser, Hellbound, and Children of the Corn lack all the supplements of the Anchor Bay editions outside of theatrical trailers (in 480p). I'd bet Heathers, re-released on the 27th on Blu-ray, will be similarly stripped of the previous 20th High School Reunion Edition's extras.

So if you want the now out-of-print discs, better snag them ASAP before they inevitably become hard to find. In the case of Hellraiser's Blu-ray, I picked up an extra copy for $7.99 at the usually nutty price-wise F.Y.E. According to reports, the picture quality of Image's high def release doesn't compare to Anchor Bay's excellent presentation. And as stated, all these special features below found on the prior Blu-ray are now M.I.A. possibly never to return(?):
  • Audio Commentary with writer/director Clive Barker and actress Ashley Laurence, moderated by screenwriter Peter Atkins
  • "Fast Film Facts" Pop-up Feature
  • Mr. Cotton I Presume? - An Interview with star Andrew Robinson (16:13)
  • Actress from Hell - An Interview with star Ashley Laurence (11:58)
  • Hellcomposer - An Interview with composer Christopher Young (18:19)
  • Hellraiser: Resurrection (24:25)
  • Under the Skin: Doug Bradley on Hellraiser (12:32)
  • Trailers & TV Spots (8:41)
  • Still Galleries
  • BD-ROM Features: First Draft Screenplay & Final Draft Screenplay


Anthony1138 said...

Image really blew it with the Midnight Madness series. Glad I picked up the Hellraiser/Children of the Corn Blu-Ray combo. If only AB would have released Hills on Blu-Ray before they lost the rights.

Anonymous said...

I smell future special edition BD double dips, as it worked so well for standard dvd. I hate it. I'm only buying BD titles that I don't own on dvd.

K-Fleet said...

Image's re-release of House 2 on DVD is in fullscreen, whereas Anchor Bay's was widescreen. I sent Image an e-mail asking why, but now, almost 2 weeks later, I have yet to receive a response. Shame on Image for having Echo Bridge moments. you dare tread upon the staircase?

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