Tuesday, October 20

The Italian Horror Blog-a-thon

If you didn't know already, Hugo Stiglitz Makes Movies is hosting a blog-a-thon devoted to a sect of films uniquely belonging to the horror fan--Italian Horror (blog-a-thon details here). The event kicked off this past Monday and runs through the 31st. I will be posting my contribution tomorrow. Once posted over at Kevin's blog, someone the likes of Tim Lucas will inevitably contribute his piece on the same film and blow my meanderings out of the water.

Here's a hint on the gore-caked classic I will be covering. Don't even try finding the original of this pic...ocular scarring will be incurred...


J. Astro said...

Gah! Is that Christopher George in the chair??

Kevin J. Olson said...

Awesome. Can't wait for your contribution. I was kind of hoping you would do a proper review of the Christian version of House by the Cemetery, hehe.

...do you dare tread upon the staircase?

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