Sunday, March 8

Hilarious Artwork: The Washing Machine

Since I know damn daylight savings time will kick my earlyraiser ass tomorrow; I decided to forgo a flick review tonight. I actually was going to do a little review from memory of Donald Borchers' 1989 Grave Secrets which I popped in a few weeks back, but looking at the box art just now I gotta admit not remembering one lick of it. I do remember the whole thing being fairly bland. So you can use that as my review. No plans for a revisit.

Anyway back to the point, I figured I'd share one of my favorite covers in my DVD collection--the E.M.S. release of Ruggero's Deodato's The Washing Machine hailing from Thailand. This cover has it all. Gore, lurid images of women, and some of the most "what in thee hell!?!" Engrish to ever grace an assumingly authorized DVD release.

Well, at least you can't blame them for trying to gear the product towards the core audience whilst creating an all-new human sense...

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