Sunday, March 29

Let's doooo the eBay sellers are warped aggggainnnn!

I don't post everything of this sort I find here (would be a daily event), but this one made me sit back and wonder for a few minutes.

That's right, $200+ for a Rocky Horror VHS?!

Me too. Looking at his item list, it's the only one denoted as "Factory Sealed. Includes Original Bill Of Sale." Yes sir, that perfect justification to tack on $197.75 over its current value. It's also amusing how he makes note twice that the tape sold for $110.99 1990 monopolized rental industry value. $15 shipping to the U.S., are you fucking kidding me? I imagine he'll be keeping that collection of over two thousand more...


dan said...

that's just a crazy price for a vhs.I will never buy it . but maybe I can sell of my Dutch 15th aniversary vhs

Jenn said...

I just saw a vhs copy of Jess Franco's The Demons goin for 205.51! Yes, it's kinda like the holy grail of rare cinema, and yes, the box art is freakin' sweet, and yes, it's nunsploitation but it's 200 bucks for a tape! And people are bidding on it! It's got four bids! In this economy!

Jayson Kennedy said...

Yep, I was going to post about that Demons VHS, the starting bid was $169! I have a couple Unicorn Video releases (unique cases), but (sadly) not that one.

Actually the film is/was on German DVD awhile back with four different covers (I have Cover B): you dare tread upon the staircase?

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