Tuesday, March 10

Slime City (1988)

Directed by Greg Lamberson
81 Minutes (Director's Cut) / Retromedia DVD / Anamorphic 1.78:1 Widescreen

A young man (Alex, Robert Sabin) moves into a new apartment building and finds his near-by residents to be an odd couple of dire punks. Alex finds himself accepting an invitation by one of them to enjoy green Himalayan pudding, a dead alchemist's stash of strange wine, and in a moment of intoxicated weakness falls to the trashy sexual allure of the punk seductress. The morning after Alex awakens to find his skin slicked with slime and rapidly suffers body melt.

That is until he viciously kills a hobo in a back alley. Immediately afterward Alex is back to his normal self and blows off the whole incident as a hallucination. Unfortunately he becomes obsessed with the alchemist's brews and the cycle of melting and murders begins to accelerate. With Alex's girlfriend suspecting something gravely wrong and a detective sniffing around, will he be able to overcome his messy addiction?

Fun romp that feels like the perfect sister film to J. Michael Muro's classic 1987 Street Trash. Robert Sabin and Mary Huner (who pulls double duty as Sabin's on-screen girlfriend and punk seductress) anchor the film's razor thin plausibility with a solid sell of their respective roles. Though the rest of the cast is a bit of a wash. The effects are colorful and gooey just like those found in the aforementioned Street Trash. This film is certainly party friendly material and recommended to those who enjoy splattery horror comedies (who doesn't?)

On a sidenote, E.I. Independent's DVD is excellent and a definitive release for the film. The studio seems to be hibernating at the moment (reforming under the title POPcinema), but I'm so glad they thrived long enough to produce this awesome DVD. Grab it cheap and enjoy.

Film: 6/10
DVD Picture: 8.5/10 (aside from the interlaced transfer and some damage, it looks outstanding)
DVD Sound: 5/10 (constant popping and voices are muffled at times)


Unknown said...

I wanted to like this more than I did, but it is what it is and I respect it for that. "Party friendly material" sums it up well.

I Like Horror Movies said...

Love it for all its terrible glory, but no one can dispute the awesome effects at the end of the flick given the hyper-low budget

Olympic Artichoke said...

I dig it, and I probably like it about as much as I like Street Trash (which is to say, a fair amount). Both films are a lot of fun.

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