Sunday, March 1

It's a Trap!

Found one of my most wanted tapes today, Mogul's VHS edition of The Icebox Murders (a.k.a. El Cepo) for the king's ransom of an entire dollar. By all accounts this Spanish horror flick from '82 is terrible, but the clamshell box art is fantastic in a goofy eye-catchin' way. I literally dug it out of a trash can. The uncut paper cover and plastic case are like new with just a little round sticker on the tape's label.

This one will reside with my other Mogul tapes, as follows:

(Luca il contrabbandiere) (1980, Lucio Fulci) -- uncut cover
Demon Queen (1986, Donald Farmer) -- cut cover
Fatal Fix (Eroina) (1980, Massimo Pirri) -- cut cover
Fear in the City (Il cappotto di legno) (1981, Gianni Manera) -- uncut cover
Green Inferno (Tarzán y el misterio de la selva) (1972, Miguel Iglesias) -- uncut cover
The Icebox Murders (El Cepo) (1982, Francisco Rodríguez Gordillo) -- Two copies, uncut covers
Invitation to Hell (1982, Michael J. Murphy) -- MEGA sub-label, uncut cover
The Last Mercenary (Rolf) (1983, Mario Siciliano) -- Two copies, uncut covers
School of Death (El colegio de la muerte) (1975, Pedro Luis Ramírez) -- All American Video sub-label, BETA, uncut cover
Thunder Squad (I cinque del Condor) (1985, Umberto Lenzi) -- uncut foil reflective cover

I'll be also using this entry as the Mogul section of a little project I'm starting. Using this blog, I'm cataloging my VHS/Beta collection by studio via the "Video Vault" link list to your left. Studios will be added gradually and updated as I acquire given titles.

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