Friday, March 6


One of the great things about horror tape collecting is basking in your own geeky amazement over the lengths studios once went to grab the attention of potential renters. I can't say "buyers" since these things frequently ran $50-100+ MSRP, though this gave studios extra pressure to lure eyes with their box art resting on mom and pop video shelves. This includes often goofy taglines or (long) synopses written by people valiantly struggling to make crap flicks sound like the second coming of Hitchcock.

Nowadays, as any DVD collector can attest, most studios abuse basic Photoshop features in order to crank out bland collages of actor mugs or film stills. Synapse Films seem to be the best of the scant few that understand badass artwork is still a valuable asset to removing cash from wallets.

This brings me to today's package, which is far from the best example, but I find the front tagline hilarious. I also love the misogynistic art that looks begrudgingly created by an artist that probably had better things to do.

I snagged this from eBay and it appears the tape was up for awhile. The case was quite dirty and that seems to scare many potential buyers off. I always find that odd; it's not hard to remove a little dirt and dust. Just use some soap and water or a spray of Goo Gone and it'll clean up extremely well. If not just swap the case with one of your little sister's Disney tapes. I'm sure Bambi wouldn't mind a decade's worth of attic grime.


I Like Horror Movies said...

Wow that cover art doesnt look ANYTHING like the original VHS coverart for Alone in the Dark *cough* which film was released first?

Jayson Kennedy said...

Wow, didn't even realize that!

Horror House was released in '85, so yea, it's a rip off! you dare tread upon the staircase?

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