Friday, March 6

Possession: Until Death Do You Part (1987)

Directed by Michael Mazo, Lloyd A. Simandl
90 Minutes / Marathon Video / Unmatted Full Frame

A mildly retarded, mildly homosexual(!?!), young Alice Cooper look-a-like schizo murders and "collects" attractive girls in his domineering mother's mansion. After one of his victims escapes, he takes chase (after offing his own mom) only to be blown to hell on a rowboat by police. Then we get twenty minutes of bipartisan padding consisting of male stripping (yes, really) and girl showering (huzzah).

The psycho magically appears amongst the breathing again and goes apeshit deluxe dawning Rambo facepaint in front of his mother's grave (marked R.I.P. MOTHER). The girl who escaped and her girlfriends head off camping; all-the-while Rambo with a dinner knife heads up a kill spree (his girl victims just happen to always be in panties or nekkid) and finds out their location via an answering machine.

Then we're back to more fucking male stripping...only this time at camp. Just what every red-blooded 13-year-old horror dork wants to see.

You guessed it, the nudity stops as the terror begins anew at Camp Crystal L--errr wait a minute until the DOS-like credits roll.

As dumb as a lobotomized squirrel shot-on-video slasher with an extremely annoying militant Norman Bates. Yet it's jam packed with nudity from buxom, natural beauties and has some bloody albeit ripped off kills. You get the impression much of the crap they pulled like car chases and what looks like live gunfire was probably accomplished illegally, which heightens the fun. Probably the only slasher I've seen where the most fun (aside from the man ass) is had outside of the horror sequences. Even though there's two directors, the whole thing has a certain flare to it. No, it's not good slasher and you might wanna cut yourself afterward, but it has everything we hate to love about junk hackfests.

Film: 5/10
VHS Picture: 6/10
VHS Sound: 5/10

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