Thursday, March 5

I Wanna Be...

Scored a super duper rare one a few days ago and it arrived yesterday, David A. Prior's 1983 Sledgehammer, on Beta from eBay in a lot of nine tapes for $30. The other eight aren't much to speak of (though one was The Mutilator), but Sledge... is a keeper and rare as hen's teeth on either VHS or Beta.

For the The Video Vault to your left:

Studio: World Video Pictures

Attack of the Beast Creatures (1985, Michael Stanley) --uncut clamshell
The Body Beneath (1970, Andy Milligan) -- uncut clamshell
Mafia vs. Ninja (1984, Robert Tai, Hong men jue e zhe) -- uncut clamshell
Sledgehammer (1983, David A. Prior) -- BETA, uncut clamshell

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