Wednesday, May 20

Props to Freddy in Space and TCM 4's "Demented Mayhem"

Rated R for demented mayhem and torture, and for strong language.

Recently the awesome Freddy in Space has been kindly linking here for various reasons so I figured I'd throw some love back.

This FiS entry concerning guessing DVD cover art caught my eye and of course it's Sony's U.S. DVD of Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation. Reading that yesterday, the flick got stuck in my brain today and now I'm curious to revisit this monstrosity. It's been years and the last time was over a bud's house after school. We got so fuckin' bored both of us kept dozing off and afterward wondered how in the world such crap was ever greenlighted to begin with.

I have two DVDs of this "sequel", the Sony and the Canadian Lionsgate editions. Just like the IMDB alternate versions page indicates, the Lionsgate disc (on the right above) is indeed the 94 minute rough cut, while the most widely available (or just unwanted) Sony disc runs at 83 minutes. I figured I'd point this out as an FYI since I see this edition every once and awhile usually on the cheap. Naturally, this longer cut is preferable to horrorfiends like us, despite the flick being crap. So look for the chainsaw lipstick cover. I'll probably pop it in sometime in the coming days and post my thoughts.

Though this isn't encouraging...what?!


Johnny said...

Thanks for linking to me! Love your blog so I find every chance to link to it that I can.

I actually only own the lipstick Lionsgate version of TCM 4. Thought the only difference between the two was the covers. Learn something new every day!

I Like Horror Movies said...

Ill be damned, confirmed on mine too, didnt even realize the Lionsgate disc was shorter?? Wonder if it makes it watchabler? FiS = most excellent. you dare tread upon the staircase?

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