Saturday, May 16

The Power (1984)

Directed by Stephen Carpenter, Jeffrey Obrow
87 Minutes / Vestron Video / Cropped from 1.85:1 to full screen

IMDB plot outline: A man comes into possession of an ancient Aztec doll. However, the doll is possessed by an evil spirit, which takes over his body.

This actually happens a good hour into the feature as propellant for the climax. Before that three teens play around with a Ouija board and a wooden Aztec idol in a graveyard. They get spooked and run off, but soon after the caretaker is mysteriously killed. A female tabloid reporter is interested in helping the students get to the bottom of the murder. Eventually the doll falls into the hands of the reporter's partner who becomes possessed by its "power" and goes on a rampage.

The simplistic story takes its sweet, boring time and in the end it's not worth the wait for a scant few doughy human goo effects. The "power" seems to hate home decor as much as people as three Poltergeist-esqe phantom room windstorms occur. Also oddly enough there's a scene in which the reporter is attacked by arms that come ripping out of a mattress reminiscent of the recliner Zuul terror in Ghostbusters released the same year six months after The Power. Christopher Young helms the score and I didn't know this while watching. I kept thinking the score sounded a lot like the more whimsical side of Young's Hellraiser work. A week ago this tape sold on eBay for over $40 (didn't see the final price), I'd contend it's barely worth $10. Find it cheap if you're still interested.

Film: 4/10
VHS Picture: 4/10 (dark scenes are pretty murky)
VHS Sound: 4/10

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