Sunday, May 24

The end of skipping, Cenobites observing Hubble, and graverobbing in Texas

. shit?

Just some random crap not worth their own entries.

I forgot to mention last night that my Blu-ray copy of Shadow: Dead Riot was a dreaded rattler from Amazon. You know, a sealed case with the disc within obviously mimicking a pinball machine with the slightest jiggle. Upon opening to survey the damage, the disc was laying off-center in a pile of blue shards that used to be its holder spindle. Much to my surprise the disc was 100% unscratched, even when held under strong light. The data side was like new looking just like a coaster of polished glass. Now, this was my first Blu rattler, and even though the format has a mandatory anti-scratch hard coat, it's sorta amazing to finally see its benefit. We're all used to ugly skid marks from such instances with DVD.

I popped in Hellraiser: Bloodline from thespian phantom director Allan Smithee last night. You can probably tell I get into weird moods sometimes and dig up oldies-but-still-shitties to needlessly endure. I've always found the start of the flashbacks depicting a perverse aristocrat in 18th century France and his apprentice enlisting a toy maker to create a puzzle box for their gory experiments with Hell to be the strongest aspect. All is lost once moving to our modern day and beyond. Even if the film didn't suffer massive studio interference, the story should have firmly anchored itself to that setting and track. Who knows how the result would have turned out (a different set of Cenobites?), but I'm betting considerably better than the agonizing end of anything resembling quality in the series we have now.

Also I wrapped up a large portion of the immortal Texas Chainsaw just now to wash the taste of Henkel's shit out of my mouth. So enjoy some artsy captures I took from Dark Sky's fantastic DVD:

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