Thursday, May 28

Some quick thoughts on Shock-O-Rama (2005)

"Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?"

IMDB plot outline: Three horror comic tales connected to a wrap-around story involving a B-movie actress stalked by a blood-thirsty zombie.

I was unsure what to expect from this self-admitted time-waster, but I only ended up with exactly that. This isn't an anthology, basically two slimeball indie studio heads screen two films to find their new "babe" actress after firing their former star "Rebeca Raven" (Misty Mundae) while she retreats to a country home and is stalked by a zombie. Sadly, the two films shoehorned into the wraparound are talky, unfunny, and worst of all annoying.

Mundae proves once again to be an impressive actress regardless of the schlock and it's chuckle-inducing hearing her character rail on the state of her career and quality of projects she's handed--obviously lampooning her real acting persona. The ghoul attack wraparound isn't re-inventing the wheel, but the entertainment value is vastly more palpable. Shame it seems so much shorter than the other crap. I'm sorry, but couldn't director Brett Piper see the standalone potential of the wraparound? Especially with the funny, naked, and wholly competent Mundae? Oh well. At least I found it for $3, Amazon's Marketplace has a bunch of dirt cheap copies, but I'd advise against it. Cool cover art though...

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