Monday, May 4

Some Rambling

I'm tinkering a little with the colors/fonts of BoGD, but not to worry, nothing extreme. I'm still struggling to find solution with issues with my comments on other blogs disappearing. I've got my browser and plug-ins up-to-date yet every time I try to submit a comment on another Blogger's blog; the page refreshes to an empty comments block without my comment submitted. No matter if the owner sets to review the comment or not. Though I can post comments here. So no, I'm not trying to be antisocial.

eBay has sucked on the Horror VHS front for weeks now. No good Buy it Now surprises, a glut of common stuff, and sellers trying to get a mint for tapes that aren't that rare.

I have no DVDs waiting in the wings, except a mysteriously not-here-yet copy of Barrel's Nekromantik 2 that I just questioned the seller about since it's now two weeks after Amazon's estimated delivery date.

I do have a ton of unwatched tapes and discs though, so I'll continue to dig through them. So it's safe to expect more...

Also Mr. Zombie, what did you like about Carpenter's Halloween?

"Sorry, never had a clue to begin with...ermm...just look at my wife..."

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