Friday, May 15

Outpost Follow-Up

A week back I worked through a triple feature of British military-themed horror flicks with one being Steve Barker's recent Outpost starring Ray Stevenson.

I liked the film so much I went digging to find some info on Sony's DVD release and it turns out the Brits have the best one. While both have some deleted scenes, Sony's U.S. DVD lacks a director's commentary track, forty minute making-of, and alternate ending found on the U.K. disc. That night I ordered the disc direct from for $13 shipped to America.

I'm happy to report the disc features an excellent anamorphic 2.40:1 (nice n' wide) transfer. The On-Demand transmission was painfully cropped to full screen, featured "edgy" digital artifacts, and a pukish heavy yellow tint. But I could see it for being free so I endured the shitty presentation. So this DVD is a pretty substantial jump in PQ and it's wonderful to see the director's correct widescreen intentions.

There is some slight aliasing (or "stairstepping") on keen edges, but that's about it for the quibbles. I have yet to check out the commentary or making-of, but already if you have a region-free DVD player and are curious I'd recommend this disc. Plus you can't go wrong for only thirteen bucks and the cover art kicks ass.

(Sony Home Entertainment/R2/PAL/matting cropped)

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Imposter Jason said...

Thanks for reviewing these. I've been wanting to see Outpost for a while not but I'm waiting to do a Nazi theme for my blog. I've been sitting on a few Nazisploitation flicks for a month or so but I think I'm going to wait until Dead Snow comes out this summer. Now THAT movie looks amazing. you dare tread upon the staircase?

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