Sunday, May 31

Day of Unrest Odds and Ends

I completely forgot, but Anchor Bay in the United Kingdom will be unleashing a five-disc/nine-film collection of Coffin Joe's works the same day as their DVD/Blu-ray releases (07/06/09) of his newest Embodiment of Evil. So I updated the video guide and I'm totally hopping over to when they become available. I'm still trying to find any info on the Brazilian VHS releases. I know they exist but naturally details are hard to come by.

Went back to that kick ass yard sale and grabbed all the Universal Monster flicks they had. Never been a big fan of most of Universal's golden age horror output outside of the classics, but these came too cheap to resist at $12. Plus a few Pantera and Danzig video collection tapes and a Misfits Orlando '96 in-audience bootleg concert was throw in.

Pro-tip: Sunday is usually the best day to browse as many listings end during the course of the day with new and re-listed items appearing in the evening.

I've also been perusing eBay today and snagged Japanese pre-records (the dork name for VHS from Japan) of Mattei's '88 COP GAME and the '80s Horror standard HOUSE. Unsure why I'm capitalizing film titles. I was outbid on Dolph IMustBreakYou's RED SCORPION, dammit. Shit there I go again. Anyway, hang in there, JUNK might be tonight's selection...

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