Monday, June 8

The Evil Dead: "The" Limited Edition

I had no idea this even existed before last week. It's a bit odd; no back cover synopsis, Raimi giving a thumbs up on the back and tape label, and the "The" before the limited edition label. Haven't popped it in, but the tape appears unplayed. This might be the first of Anchor Bay's endless Evil Dead series "special" re-issues and editions. I would have scanned the reverse of the cover, but it's just a picture of the film's original poster design and the five promo stills and Sullivan artwork used as the covers of Anchor Bay's first VHS and DVD releases. Kind of a rip-off in that respect since many of their "normal" clamshell tapes have linear notes on their reverse. The "journal" consists of notebook entries by Josh Becker during the making of the film on various dates from November '79 to January '80 mixed with vintage candids and film stills. I would have scanned more from it, but my scanner is getting picky. Pretty cool little release and infinitely preferable to Anchor Bay's later improper widescreen hackjob with their Book of the Dead DVD.

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drunketh said...

Yeah, I own this too. you dare tread upon the staircase?

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