Monday, June 1

Screwing Myself So You Don't Get Fucked: Horror VHS Mystery Box!

curiosity slaughtered the cat

I've seen this guy pedaling "Mystery" boxes of Horror DVD and VHS on eBay for some time, even before I started getting heavy into tapes. More than a week ago I noticed no one had bid one of his ending soon VHS boxes, so I figured I'd throw sanity out the window, bid, and win at $9.99 with $7 shipping (free shipping my ass).

Thirteen days later which happens to be today I receive a beat up, wafer thin envelope box via Parcel Post. Presented in newspaper wrapping, I find:

makes great asswipe

- Recoil on VHS - a Family Video ex-rental with stickers on box and tape.
- The Outer Limits - The Mice on VHS, seriously man?
- Nightbreed on VHS with the Media Entertainment box and EP-speed Video Treasures tape inside. Big sticker rip on the front cover. "Like New" my ass.
- Promotional DVD mini-posters for The Hills Have Eyes Part 2 (the new abortion), Wrong Turn 2: Dead End, Savage Harvest 2, and The Host.
- Promotional postcards for The Descent, Pan's Labyrinth, and 100 Tears.
- A bag of ACT II popcorn (had to go cheap eh?)
- A booster pack of "Hecatomb" cards (?!?)
- A tiny Terminator 3 pin.

Awesome. $2.50 worth of a landslide of 3 tapes, free paper given out en masse at Horror cons, a child's card game I've already threw in the trash, a 60¢ bag of popcorn that's also trash bound, and a worthless pin. "savinifan666" is merely some nefarious rip-off artist, probably some morbidly obese 50-year-old asshole buying this shit for the price of a McDonald's value menu at a flea market on weekends...and to think I've seen these shit boxes go for $50+! Never again.

On a much better note, my copy of Severin's "banned" DVD of Malabimba: The Malicious Whore has arrived!



Jenn said...

I see this guy on there all the time too! I can't believe some of those things go for upwards of fifty bucks. Thanks for the post - I kinda want to buy one now to see if it compares.

party McFly said...

i've seen this dude on ebay for quite some time as well, and i've always been curious.
thanks for taking the bullet, or in this case - more like - thanks for jumping on the vietcong hand grenade, thrown from the vicious sweaty jungle of the world's internet flea market. you dare tread upon the staircase?

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