Wednesday, June 24

Try and Find It: Master Movies' DVD of THE TERROR

This is another decent little chesnut that got sucked into "no copyright" hell like these two. Anyone is free to release these and seemingly everyone has including your very own dear grandmother. What? Like you didn't know. If you don't a copy, there's probably one within a half mile radius...wherever you go.

Now because of this, the majority of copies look like refried video ass and are often unwatchable. Though this one released in year one of the DVD format (1997) by "Master Movies" somehow features the best picture of all the copies I've seen. While still looking like a budget disc, the transfer has color and detail completely absent from the heaps of fuzzy bleached out copies at Dollar Tree or your local Chinese market.

The only problem is that the disc has been out-of-print for years and is fucking hard to find. It took me a long time to finally dig one up after initially hearing about it at The Pulsing Cinema years ago before they dumped all their articles. Note the case sucks being a slim CD case-like "LaserFile". The tray only slides out as far as in the picture and has no spindle to hold the disc. Needless to say the disc's data side looks annihilated. Though it plays and that's little payment for the great PQ.


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