Monday, June 29


BoGD Review

Greatest IMDB Comments Ever.

This film insults the country of our fathers
Author: lao zing from Viet Nam

"To think that a entire army failed and one geeky man could destroy my home country seems insulting to hear and impossible. After all who is this Reb Brown guy and i am sure that Amercanski is not really Russian for American added to that some of the most awkward one liners in the history of world cinema. The boy is also a stereotypical Vietnamese peasant. I would like to see more Vietamese cinema like (literal translation) Du Xing's lama. The only people who would enjoy this insulting mess is patriotic American idiot who believe America won in the Vietnamese war (i myself am Vietnamese and didn't support the war)"

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Crowley said...

Hey, what great? b-movie! Its ironic. It bore me a lot you dare tread upon the staircase?

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